Method for Calculating Pressure Losses in an Upward Cocurrent Flow

Research paper by V. N. Novozhilov, A. M. Kutepov

Indexed on: 01 May '05Published on: 01 May '05Published in: Theoretical Foundations of Chemical Engineering


In an upward cocurrent gas-liquid flow in a vertical tube, the dependence of the pressure gradient on the gas velocity is known to be extremal. At a certain gas velocity w = w0, the pressure gradient takes the minimal value ϕ = ϕ0. It is also known that stable modes of upward cocurrent flow, which are of the greatest practical importance for adsorption processes, occur at w ≥ w0. By analyzing a large body of primary experimental data obtained by various researchers over a wide parameter range, corrections are made to a known relation between the pressure gradient and the gas velocity in a column. An algorithm for calculating the pressure loss is developed.