Metalorganic chemical vapor deposition- grown AIN on 6H-SiC for metal-insulator-semiconductor device applications

Research paper by C. C. Tin, Y. Song, T. Isaacs Smith, V. Madangakli, T. S. Sudarshan

Indexed on: 01 Mar '97Published on: 01 Mar '97Published in: Journal of Electronic Materials


Aluminum nitride is a promising insulator for the fabrication of 6H-silicon carbide (6H-SiC) metal-insulator-semiconductor (MIS) devices for high temperature and high power applications. Due to the fact that the electrical response of a Au/AlN/SiC MIS structure is sensitive to the quality of the insulator-semiconductor interface as well as the insulator itself, growth of AlN on 6H-SiC using different growth procedures will produce AlN/6H-SiC structures of different electrical characteristics. In this study, we compared the capacitance-voltage, dc current voltage and high electric field breakdown characteristics of various AlN/6H-SiC MIS structures grown by different low-pressure metalorganic chemical vapor deposition growth procedures. Our results demonstrated that depending on the growth procedure, Au/AlN/SiC MIS structures with low current leakage, low interface state density, good high temperature stability and high electric field breakdown voltage could be obtained.