Metallurgical Applications of Cobalt: A Critical Overview

Research paper by Dimitri Coutsouradis, L. Habraken

Indexed on: 20 Dec '13Published on: 20 Dec '13Published in: JOM (Warrendale, Pa. : 1989)


During the last few decades cobalt has conquered a major status as a material necessary in a number of high-technology applications. The purpose of this paper is to review the structural applications as opposed to uses involving the chemical or physical properties of cobalt, in the light of the competitive aspects of various materials.Due to its specific effects on transformation and aging behavior of alloy steels, cobalt represents a useful if not necessary alloying element in a number of steel systems such as high-strength steels and hot-work die steels. The features of cobalt-base alloys for high-temperature applications will be reviewed together with the use of cobalt as alloying element in nickel-base alloys or in hot-corrosion-resistant coatings.Finally the role of cobalt in wear resisting or hardfacing materials will be discussed.