Metabolism of 1-14C-methyl linoleate hydroperoxide in the rabbit

Research paper by G. M. Findlay, H. H. Draper, J. G. Bergan

Indexed on: 01 Dec '70Published on: 01 Dec '70Published in: Lipids


The metabolism of 1-14C-methyl linoleate hydroperoxide (1-14C-MLHP) by the rabbit was investigated. Administration of 1.1–1.9 mg of 1-14C-MLHP by ear vein injection proved lethal to four of the nine experimental animals. After 2 hr the lungs and liver contained 3.3% and 7.2%, respectively, of the dose. This radioactivity was found to be associated primarily with intact 1-14C-MLHP. The triglycerides from these tissues also contained14C-trienoic and14C-dienoic fatty acids. Of the dose, 68% was recovered as14CO2 in 2 hr compared to 39% after 1-14C-methyl linoleate injection. The triglycerides from kidney adipose tissue contained a small amount of14C-hydroxy fatty acid, providing confirmation of previous evidence for the presence of a fatty acid hydroperoxide reductase in animal tissues.