Meta-Stable Brane Configuration of Product Gauge Groups

Research paper by Changhyun Ahn

Indexed on: 15 Feb '08Published on: 15 Feb '08Published in: High Energy Physics - Theory


Starting from the N=1 SU(N_c) x SU(N_c') gauge theory with fundamental and bifundamental flavors, we apply the Seiberg dual to the first gauge group and obtain the N=1 dual gauge theory with dual matters including the gauge singlets. By analyzing the F-term equations of the superpotential, we describe the intersecting type IIA brane configuration for the meta-stable nonsupersymmetric vacua of this gauge theory. By introducing an orientifold 6-plane, we generalize to the case for N=1 SU(N_c) x SO(N_c') gauge theory with fundamental and bifundamental flavors. Finally, the N=1 SU(N_c) x Sp(N_c') gauge theory with matters is also described very briefly.