Mesoscopic Rydberg gate based on electromagnetically induced transparency.

Research paper by M M Müller, I I Lesanovsky, H H Weimer, H P HP Büchler, P P Zoller

Indexed on: 13 Jun '09Published on: 13 Jun '09Published in: Physical review letters


We demonstrate theoretically a parallelized C-NOT gate which allows us to entangle a mesoscopic ensemble of atoms with a single control atom in a single step, with high fidelity and on a microsecond time scale. Our scheme relies on the strong and long-ranged interaction between Rydberg atoms triggering electromagnetically induced transparency. By this we can robustly implement a conditional transfer of all ensemble atoms between two logical states, depending on the state of the control atom. We outline a many-body interferometer which allows a comparison of two many-body quantum states by performing a measurement of the control atom.