Membranes from Five-Branes and Fundamental Strings from Dp Branes

Research paper by Piljin Yi

Indexed on: 09 Feb '99Published on: 09 Feb '99Published in: High Energy Physics - Theory


We argue that M2 brane is realized as a topological soliton on a coincident pair of M5 and anti-M5 branes, as the two five-branes annihilate each other. Topology and quantum numbers of this world-volume soliton are discussed in some detail, and its formation is explained qualitatively. It follows from a compactification that a D4-anti-D4 pair annihilate and produce type II fundamental strings. The phenomenon is best described as the confinement of a world-volume U(1) gauge field on D4-anti-D4, where the confined electric flux string is identified as the fundamental string. This generalizes to other D$p$-anti-D$p$ systems, and solves a puzzle recently pointed out by Witten.