Membrane filtration - atomic absorption spectrometry combination for copper, cobalt, cadmium, lead and chromium in environmental samples.

Research paper by Mustafa M Soylak, Umit U Divrikli, Sibel S Saracoglu, Latif L Elci

Indexed on: 24 Oct '06Published on: 24 Oct '06Published in: Environmental Monitoring and Assessment


Cellulose nitrate membrane filter was used for the preconcentration-separation of Cu, Co, Cd, Pb and Cr ions. The analyte ions were collected on the membrane filter by the aid of carmine. Then membrane filter was dissolved by using nitric acid. The levels of the analytes in the final solutions were determined by flame atomic absorption spectrometry (FAAS). The analytical parameters including pH, amounts of carmine, sample volumes etc. have been optimized. No influences have been observed from the matrix ions. The detection limits for analytes were in the range of 0.08 microg/l-0.93 microg/l. The validation of the procedure was checked by the analysis of standard reference sediment (GBW 07309). The present method has been successfully applied for the FAAS determinations of analyte ions in real samples including black tea and magnesium salts.