Medical image management.

Research paper by A E AE James, F F Carroll, D R DR Pickens, J C JC Chapman, R R RR Robinson, H P HP Pendergrass, R R Zaner

Indexed on: 01 Sep '86Published on: 01 Sep '86Published in: Radiology


Medical image management is becoming increasingly complex as additional data are produced by equipment using digital techniques. As the requirements to store and display these images increase, the following questions become important: (a) What methods can be used to ensure that information given to the physician represents the originally acquired data? (b) What technology and methods are needed to guarantee that information is presented in a timely fashion when requested? (c) How can an image archiving and transmission system be designed to protect the patient's rights of confidentiality? The authors discuss the legal implications of digital archiving of image information and propose some approaches to designing systems that provide the most information to the physician and yet attempt to minimize infringement of the patient's rights.