Mechanism of the reaction of CO with NO on palladium catalysts

Research paper by Yu. I. Pyatnitskii, M. G. Martsenyuk-Kukharuk, S. N. Orlik, V. A. Ostapyuk

Indexed on: 01 Jul '88Published on: 01 Jul '88Published in: Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry


A mechanism has been proposed for the reaction of CO + NO + (O2) on palladium catalysts and the elementary stages of the reaction have been subjected to thermodynamic analysis. A kinetic model of the reaction has been constructed. The model of the reaction CO + NO has been analyzed in comparison with the reaction CO + O2; the existence of a multiplicity of stationary states and critical transitions in the system CO + NO has been demonstrated. Numerical calculation has explained the accelerating influence of oxygen and the inhibiting influence of CO on the rate of the reaction CO + NO, observed experimentally.