Mechanical property and cutting performance of yttrium-reinforced Al2O3/Ti(C,N) composite ceramic tool material

Research paper by Chonghai Xu, Chuanzhen Huang, Xing Ai

Indexed on: 01 Feb '01Published on: 01 Feb '01Published in: Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance


Effects of yttrium on the mechanical property and the cutting performance of Al2O3/Ti(C,N) composite ceramic tool material have been studied in detail. Results show that the addition of yttrium of a certain amount can noticeably improve the mechanical property of Al2O3/Ti(C,N) ceramic material. As a result, the flexural strength and the fracture toughness amount to 1010 MPa and 6.1 MPam1/2, respectively. Cutting experiments indicate that the developed ceramic tool material not only has better wear resistance but also has higher fracture resistance when machining hardened #45 steel. The fracture resistance of the yttrium-reinforced Al2O3/Ti(C,N) ceramic tool material is about 20% higher than that of the corresponding ceramic tool material without any yttrium additives.