Mechanical properties of steel fibre reinforced lightweight concrete with pumice stone or expanded clay aggregates

Research paper by G. Campione, N. Miraglia, M. Papia

Indexed on: 01 May '01Published on: 01 May '01Published in: Materials and Structures


This paper presents basic information on the mechanical properties of steel fibre-reinforced light-weight concrete, manufactured using pumice stone or expanded clay aggregates. Results are presented for standard compressive tests and indirect tensile tests (splitting tests on cylinder specimens and flexure tests on prismatic beams using a three-point loading arrangement) under monotonically increasing or cyclically varying loads. The influence of steel fibres and aggregate types on modulus of elasticity, compressive and tensile strength and post-peak behaviour is evaluated. Test results show that compressive strength does not change for pumice stone aggregates, while an increase is observed for expanded clay; tensile strength and fracture toughness are significantly improved for both pumice stone and expanded clay. The results also show that with both expanded clay and pumice stone lightweight aggregates a suitable content of fibres allows one to obtain performances comparable with those expected from normal weight concrete, the important advantage of lower structural weight being maintained.