Mechanical properties and microstructure of Al2O3/TiC based self-lubricating ceramic tool with CaF2@Al (HO)3

Research paper by Zhaoqiang Chen, Lianggang Ji; Niansheng Guo; Runxin Guo

Indexed on: 23 Apr '18Published on: 15 Apr '18Published in: International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials


Publication date: September 2018 Source:International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials, Volume 75 Author(s): Zhaoqiang Chen, Lianggang Ji, Niansheng Guo, Runxin Guo The CaF2@Al2O3 coated powder with shell-core structure was prepared by liquid-phase non-uniform nucleation method. Based on the successful preparation of Al(OH)3 coated CaF2 powder, Al2O3/TiC self-lubricating tool was prepared by wet dispersion mixing and vacuum hot pressing sintering process. The microstructure and performance of the self-lubricating ceramic tool with different volume content of CaF2@Al(OH)3 coated powders were investigated. The results show that when the CaF2@Al2O3 content is 10 vol%, the comprehensive mechanical properties of Al2O3/TiC/CaF2@Al2O3 tool materials is the best, the hardness is 16.86 GPa, the flexural strength is 662 MPa, and the fracture toughness is 6.34 MPa·m1/2. Compared with the traditional Al2O3/TiC/10 vol%CaF2 self-lubricating ceramic cutting tools, Al2O3/TiC/10 vol% CaF2@Al2O3 ceramics in flexural strength, fracture toughness and hardness were increased 19.06%, 36.9%, 12.25%, of which the most obvious increase in fracture toughness.