Measurements and evaluation of neutron data for nuclear power generation and other applications

Research paper by B. D. Kuz'minov, A. V. Ignatyuk, V. N. Manokhin, O. A. Sal'nikov

Indexed on: 01 Dec '86Published on: 01 Dec '86Published in: Atomic Energy


Results which are important for the practice of nuclear power generation have been obtained by purposeful coordinated basic research of a large number of specialists working in different institutes. During this work, a basis for research, methods of measuring nuclear data, and theoretical models of the interaction of neutrons with nuclei were created and data evaluation techniques were developed. The existing and predicted requirements to nuclear data have posed new problems related to an increase in the number of recommended evaluated data, as well as to an improvement of their quality. The work of teams of scientists, who coordinate their activities within the framework of the Commission on Nuclear Data of the State Committee of Atomic Energy of the USSR, must focus on the optimal solution to these problems and on a further increase in the efficiency of the research work.