Measurement of the 234U/238U activity ratios in the organs and internal tissues of a domestic goat kid (Capra aegagrus hircus)

Research paper by Francesco De Santis, Mario De Salve, Armando Masucci, Massimo Zucchetti, Massimo Esposito

Indexed on: 14 Apr '15Published on: 14 Apr '15Published in: Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry


In this paper, we compare the 234U/238U activity ratios (ARs) in various internal tissues and organs of a goat kid with the ingested 234U/238U AR to assess isotopic fractionation. The results obtained from soft tissues (i.e., the kidneys, liver, lung, and bladder) that undergo indirect assimilation of uranium from the feed through the bloodstream suggest an increase in the 234U/238U AR. In contrast, the intestine, bones and feces had the same AR values as the feed. Finally, we broadly assess uranium transfer from the feed to the animal based on the concentration ratio and the feed transfer coefficient.