Mean-field helicity in random ${\alpha}^{2}$-dynamo twisted flows

Research paper by Garcia de Andrade

Indexed on: 29 Jun '09Published on: 29 Jun '09Published in: Physics - Fluid Dynamics


Here, an analytical version of numerical results is obtained in case of considering the laminar non-turbulent limit, of a twisted Riemannian thin flux tube. It is shown that the magnetic field is amplified, when electric current helicity and Riemann curvature are both negative. Thus spaces of positive and negative Riemannian curvatures seems to support dynamo action inside the torus, and not only negative Riemannian curvature surfaces as happens in 2D dynamos. New features appear in ${\alpha}^{2}$-dynamo twisted flow, using the approximation of thin tubes flux tubes. These solutions are obtained in the resonant profile of the toroidal and poloidal frequencies modes of the dynamo force-free flow.