Mathematical Modeling of the Workflows of a Reciprocating Compressor with Intensive Cooling of the Cylindrical Piston Group

Research paper by V. E. Shcherba, V. V. Shalai, E. A. Pavlyuchenko, V. S. Vinichenko

Indexed on: 05 Aug '15Published on: 05 Aug '15Published in: Chemical and Petroleum Engineering


A new design of a reciprocating compressor with intensive cooling of the cylinder-piston group based on an analysis of the cooling of reciprocating compressors is considered. Using the fundamental laws of conservation of energy, mass, and volume as well as the dynamical equation, equation of state, and Hooke’s equation, a mathematical model of the workflows is developed. Workflows in the reciprocating compressor being considered here with intensive cooling of the cylinder-piston group are analyzed and evaluated.