Maternal effects and cytoplasmic inheritance of oleic and linoleic acid contents in sesame

Research paper by Jorge A. Mosjidis, D. M. Yermanos

Indexed on: 01 Jun '84Published on: 01 Jun '84Published in: Euphytica


Responses to selection may be affected by cytoplasmic inheritance and maternal effects. Their effect on the content of oleic and linoleic acids in sesame seed oil (Sesame indicum L.) was studied using reciprocal crosses and reciprocal backcrosses. Separation of fatty acid methyl esters was carried out by gas liquid chromatography. Cytoplasmic inheritance for oleic and linoleic acids was found to be negligible in both types of crosses. Maternal effects were not observed in reciprocal crosses, however, they were detected in reciprocal F1's for both oleic and linoleic acids. This may be due to differences in phenological development of the parental lines affecting reciprocal crosses, but not reciprocal backcrosses.