Materials, Vol. 13, Pages 704: Printed Electronics as Prepared by Inkjet Printing

Research paper by Beedasy, Smith

Indexed on: 07 Feb '20Published on: 04 Feb '20Published in: Materials


Inkjet printing has been used to produce a range of printed electronic devices, such as solar panels, sensors, and transistors. This article discusses inkjet printing and its employment in the field of printed electronics. First, printing as a field is introduced before focusing on inkjet printing. The materials that can be employed as inks are then introduced, leading to an overview of wetting, which explains the influences that determine print morphology. The article considers how the printing parameters can affect device performance and how one can account for these influences. The article concludes with a discussion on adhesion. The aim is to illustrate that the factors chosen in the fabrication process, such as dot spacing and sintering conditions, will influence the performance of the device.