Materials, Vol. 12, Pages 3820: Preparation of Al2O3/Ti(C,N)/ZrO2/CaF2@Al(OH)3 Ceramic Tools and Cutting Performance in Turning

Research paper by Chen, Zhang, Guo, Ji, Guo, Li, Xu

Indexed on: 24 Nov '19Published on: 21 Nov '19Published in: Materials


Aiming at the contradiction between the lubricating performance and mechanical performance of self-lubricating ceramic tools. CaF2@Al(OH)3 particles were prepared by the heterogeneous nucleation method. An Al2O3/Ti(C,N) ceramic tool with CaF2@Al2(OH)3 particles and ZrO2 whiskers was prepared by hot press sintering (frittage). The cutting performances and wear mechanisms of this ceramic tool were investigated. Compared with the Al2O3/Ti(C,N) ceramic tool, the Al2O3/Ti(C,N)/ZrO2/CaF2@Al(OH)3 ceramic tool had lower cutting temperatures and surface roughness. When the cutting speed was increased from 100m/min to 300m/min, a lot of CaF2 was smeared onto the surface of the ceramic tool, and the flank wear of the Al2O3/Ti(C,N)/ZrO2/CaF2@Al(OH)3 ceramic tool was reduced. The main wear mechanisms of the Al2O3/Ti(C,N)/ZrO2/CaF2@Al(OH)3 ceramic tool were adhesive wear and micro-chipping. The formation of solid lubricating film and the improvement of fracture toughness by adding ZrO2 whiskers and CaF2@Al(OH)3 were important factors for the Al2O3/Ti(C,N)/ZrO2/CaF2@Al(OH)3 ceramic tool to have better cutting performances.