Materials, Vol. 12, Pages 1193: Ordered ZnO/Ni Hollow Microsphere Arrays as Anode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries

Research paper by Shen, Zhong, Huang, Lin, Wang

Indexed on: 12 Apr '19Published on: 11 Apr '19Published in: Materials


Well-designed nanostructures are very important for the electrochemical performance of lithium-ion electrode materials. In order to improve the electrochemical performance of ZnO-based anode materials, ZnO/Ni composite film, assembled by ordered hollow microsphere arrays, is designed and fabricated by means of magnetron sputtering technique using a colloidal crystal template composed of a monolayer of ordered polystyrene (PS) microspheres. The ordered hollow microsphere structure as well as the constituent Ni component of the ZnO/Ni film show major advantages of homogenizing electrode reactions, enhancing electrode reaction kinetics and accommodating volume change of active materials, so they can reduce electrode polarization and stabilize electrode structure. Consequently, the resulting ordered ZnO/Ni hollow microspheres arrays deliver an initial charge capacity of 685 mAh g−1, an initial coulombic efficiency of 68%, and a capacity retention rate of 69% after 100 cycles, all of which are higher than those of the pure ZnO film. These results show progress in developing more stable ZnO-based anode materials for lithium ion batteries.