Mass transfer effects on the non-Newtonian fluids past a vertical plate embedded in a porous medium with non-uniform surface heat flux

Research paper by M. A. El-Hakiem, M. F. El-Amin

Indexed on: 01 Apr '01Published on: 01 Apr '01Published in: Heat and Mass Transfer


 The present study is devoted to investigate the influences of mass transfer on buoyancy induced flow over vertical flat plate embedded in a non-Newtonian fluid saturated porous medium. The Ostwald–de Waele power-law model is used to characterize the non-Newtonian fluid behavior. Similarity solution for the transformed governing equations is obtained with prescribed variable surface heat flux. Numerical results for the details of the velocity, temperature and concentration profiles are shown on graphs. Excess surface temperature as well as concentration gradient at the wall associated with heat flux distributions, which are entered in tables, have been presented for different values of the power-law index n, buoyancy ration B and the exponent λ as well as Lewis number Le.