Mass selective axial ion ejection from linear quadrupoles with added octopole fields.

Research paper by Annie A Moradian, D J DJ Douglas

Indexed on: 14 Dec '07Published on: 14 Dec '07Published in: Journal of The American Society for Mass Spectrometry


Mass selective axial ejection of ions from linear quadrupoles with added octopole fields is described. Quadrupoles with 2.0% and 2.6% added octopole fields have been tested and compared with a conventional quadrupole. The effects of trapping ions at different q values, excitation voltage, scan direction, balanced and unbalanced rf voltages on the rods, and dc applied between the rods have been investigated. The highest scan speeds and best resolution are obtained with resonant excitation and ejection at high q (q = 0.8). With axial ejection, the quadrupole with a 2.0% added octopole field provides mass resolution and ejection efficiencies similar to a conventional rod set. Quadrupole, dipole, and simultaneous dipole-dipole excitation between the x and y rod pairs were compared, and no advantage was found with quadrupole or dipole-dipole excitation. The effects of scan speed were investigated and a resolution at half height of about 1600 is possible at scans speed up to 5000 Th/s.