Mars ain't the kind of place to raise your kid: ethical implications of pregnancy on missions to colonize other planets.

Research paper by Haley H Schuster, Steven L SL Peck

Indexed on: 26 Aug '16Published on: 26 Aug '16Published in: Life Sciences, Society and Policy


The colonization of a new planet will inevitably bring about new bioethical issues. One is the possibility of pregnancy during the mission. During the journey to the target planet or moon, and for the first couple of years before a colony has been established and the colony has been accommodated for children, a pregnancy would jeopardize the safety of the crew and the wellbeing of the child. The principal concern with a pregnancy during an interplanetary mission is that it could put the entire crew in danger. Resources such as air, food, and medical supplies will be limited and calculated to keep the crew members alive. We explore the bioethical concerns of near-future space travel.

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