Marine Drugs, Vol. 14, Pages 145: Fucoidans in Nanomedicine

Research paper by Lucas Chollet, Pierre Saboural, Cédric Chauvierre, Jean-;Noël Villemin, Didier Letourneur, Frédéric Chaubet

Indexed on: 03 Aug '16Published on: 29 Jul '16Published in: Marine drugs


Fucoidans are widespread cost-effective sulfated marine polysaccharides which have raised interest in the scientific community over last decades for their wide spectrum of bioactivities. Unsurprisingly, nanomedicine has grasped these compounds to develop innovative therapeutic and diagnostic nanosystems. The applications of fucoidans in nanomedicine as imaging agents, drug carriers or for their intrinsic properties are reviewed here after a short presentation of the main structural data and biological properties of fucoidans. The origin and the physicochemical specifications of fucoidans are summarized in order to discuss the strategy of fucoidan-containing nanosystems in Human health. Currently, there is a need for reproducible, well characterized fucoidan fractions to ensure significant progress.