Manufacture of magnetic granular structures in semiconductor-ferromagnet systems

Research paper by S. F. Marenkin, A. D. Izotov, I. V. Fedorchenko, V. M. Novotortsev

Indexed on: 25 Mar '15Published on: 25 Mar '15Published in: Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry


The requirements are formulated to be fulfilled by magnetic granular structures that have the giant magnetoresistance (GMR) in semiconductor-ferromagnet systems. AIIBIVC2V-Mn(CV), AIIICV-Mn(CV), and A3IIC2V-Mn(CV) semiconductor-ferromagnet systems are shown to be eutectic systems and to be promising for the preparation of granular structures with high magnetoresistance values. Magnetic granular structures have been prepared in Zn(Cd)GeAs2-MnP(As), Zn(Cd)3P(As)2-MnP(As), and (Al,Ga,In)Sb-MnSb systems and the origin of magnetoresistance in these systems is shown to be due to the structure of Mn(CV) ferromagnet clusters.