Mantle plume tectonics: The evolution of the main ideas

Research paper by E. V. Lvova

Indexed on: 04 Nov '10Published on: 04 Nov '10Published in: Moscow University Geology Bulletin


Three stages of the evolution of plume-tectonic ideas and views are examined for the first time using five important criteria: (1) the area of magmatic occurrence at the Earth surface; (2) the pecularities of the geochemical compositions of igneous rocks that are associated with plumes; (3) stationary position relative to the Earth’s core; (4) correspondence to the lithospheric structure; and (5) correspondence to the cyclicity of the lithosphere’s evolution. The conception of a relationship between the mechanisms of plume and plate tectonic is very important for the global geodynamic theory and for interpretation of intraplate magmatism and some lithospheric structures linked with them.