Manifestation of dynamic effects in coherent X-radiation from relativistic electron in Bragg scattering geometry

Research paper by S. V. Blazhevich, A. V. Noskov

Indexed on: 24 Mar '10Published on: 24 Mar '10Published in: Technical Physics


Analytic expressions describing the spectral-angular distribution of parametric X-radiation (PXR) and diffracted transient radiation (DTR) of a relativistic electron traversing a single-crystal plate in the Bragg scattering geometry are derived on the basis of the two-wave approximation of the dynamic diffraction theory. The expressions are obtained in the general case of asymmetric reflection of a particle’s field relative to the surface of the crystal plate. It is shown that in the given geometry, a significant increase of the PXR angular density is possible due to the dynamic effect of PXR spectral broadening. The conditions for an increase in the DTR spectrum width, which causes a considerable increase of the DTR angular density, are derived. The possibility of the most pronounced manifestation of the Bormann dynamic effect in PXR is demonstrated for a thick absorptive crystal.