'Manic Mums' and 'Distant Dads'? Gendered geographies of care and the journey to school.

Research paper by John J Barker

Indexed on: 04 May '10Published on: 04 May '10Published in: Health & Place


Research in the geographies of care has identified the central role of mothers in caring for children, although much less explored are the experiences of men who also participate in care. Drawing upon research conducted in the UK with children and their families, this paper contributes to existing debates in the geographies of care by exploring a relatively new space of caring, namely the escort of primary school children to and from school and other settings. The paper explores mothers' and fathers' involvement in escorting children, the extent and nature of participation and also how distinct gendered forms of caring practices are established. In doing so, the paper also considers the importance of place and local cultures of parenting which inform these gendered carescapes.