Manganese oxide nanowires wrapped with nitrogen doped carbon layers for high performance supercapacitors.

Research paper by Ying Y Li, Yuan Y Mei, Lin-Qun LQ Zhang, Jian-Hai JH Wang, An-Ran AR Liu, Yuan-Jian YJ Zhang, Song-Qin SQ Liu

Indexed on: 13 Jun '15Published on: 13 Jun '15Published in: Journal of Colloid and Interface Science


In this study, manganese oxide nanowires wrapped by nitrogen-doped carbon layers (MnO(x)@NCs) were prepared by carbonization of poly(o-phenylenediamine) layer coated onto MnO2 nanowires for high performance supercapacitors. The component and structure of the MnO(x)@NCs were controlled through carbonization procedure under different temperatures. Results demonstrated that this composite combined the high conductivity and high specific surface area of nitrogen-doped carbon layers with the high pseudo-capacitance of manganese oxide nanowires. The as-prepared MnO(x)@NCs exhibited superior capacitive properties in 1 M Na2SO4 aqueous solution, such as high conductivity (4.167×10(-3) S cm(-1)), high specific capacitance (269 F g(-1) at 10 mV s(-1)) and long cycle life (134 F g(-1) after 1200 cycles at a scan rate of 50 mV s(-1)). It is reckoned that the present novel hybrid nanowires can serve as a promising electrode material for supercapacitors and other electrochemical devices.