Mahāsukhavajra’s Padmāvatī Commentary on the Sixth Chapter of the Caṇḍamahāroṣaṇatantra: The Sexual Practices of a Tantric Buddhist Yogī and His Consort

Research paper by Samuel Grimes, Péter-Dániel Szántó

Indexed on: 08 Jun '18Published on: 08 Jun '18Published in: Journal of Indian Philosophy


A single Sanskrit commentary exists for the Caṇḍamahāroṣaṇatantra—the Padmāvatī of Mahāsukhavajra—the only palm-leaf witness of which is preserved in a late thirteenth-century manuscript in Kathmandu. The tantra is relatively late, unmentioned outside Nepal (and Tibet), and the only in-depth study to date examines only the first eight of its twenty five chapters. No study or edition of the Padmāvatī exists. Here we present the first edition and translation of a complete chapter, the sixth paṭala, a section dealing mainly with transgressive sexual practices. Some of the ideas and pragmatic details presented by the author, Mahāsukhavajra, are unique in Vajrayāna literature.