Magnetosonic rogons in electron-ion plasma

Research paper by E. I. El-Awady, H. Rizvi, W. M. Moslem, S. K. El-Labany, A. Raouf, M. Djebli

Indexed on: 26 Sep '13Published on: 26 Sep '13Published in: Astrophysics and space science


Magnetosonic rogue waves (rogons) are investigated in an electron-ion plasma by deriving the nonlinear Schrödinger (NLS) equation for low frequency limit. The first- and second-order rogue wave solutions of the NLS equation are obtained analytically and examined numerically. It is found that for dense plasma and stronger magnetic field the nonlinearity decreases, which causes the rogon amplitude becomes shorter. However, the electron temperature pumping more energy to the background waves which are sucked to create rogue waves with taller amplitudes.