Magnetoresistance of proton irradiated Si0.97Ge0.03 whiskers ☆

Research paper by Nadezhda T. Pavlovskaya, Petr G. Litovchenko, Yuriy O. Ugrin, Yuriy V. Pavlovskyy, Igor P. Ostrovskii, Krzysztof Rogacki

Indexed on: 09 Mar '17Published on: 26 Dec '16Published in: Modern Electronic Materials


Whiskers are a new material that is characterized by high structural perfection, chemical resistance and strength which reaches the theoretically possible limit for crystals of small transverse dimensions. The test whiskers were synthesized by the method of chemical transport reactions in a closed bromide system using gold as the initiator of growth. The crystals were irradiated by protons with an energy of 6 MeV and doses of 5×1013, 1015 and 1×1017 p+/cm2 at 40 °C in a U-120 cyclotron.

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