Magnetism in V-/Mn-doped ZnO layers fabricated on sapphire

Research paper by A.C. Mofor, F. Reuss, A. El-Shaer, R. Kling, E. Schlenker, A. Bakin, H. Ahlers, U. Siegner, S. Sievers, M. Albrecht, W. Schoch, W. Limmer, J. Eisenmenger, T. Mueller, A. Huebel, et al.

Indexed on: 25 Apr '07Published on: 25 Apr '07Published in: Applied Physics A


Doping ZnO with transition metals (TM) is an obvious approach to produce diluted magnetic semiconductors for magnetoelectronic and spintronic applications. We have carried out experimental studies on the fabrication and characterisation of Mn-doped ZnO layers and V-doped ZnO layers and nanorods, the results of which are reviewed in this paper. From SQUID measurements, both epitaxial and implanted ZnMnO layers show paramagnetic behaviour. Epitaxial ZnVO layers show ferromagnetic SQUID signals, but the presence of any secondary phases in the ZnVO layers may not be ruled out. We also show that the used Al2O3 substrates produce a ferromagnetic SQUID signal, that complicates the analysis of magnetisation data and hence the confirmation of ferromagnetism only from SQUID results.