Magnetically-refreshable receptor platform structures for reusable nano-biosensor chips.

Research paper by Haneul H Yoo, Dong Jun DJ Lee, Dong-guk DG Cho, Juhun J Park, Ki Wan KW Nam, Young Tak YT Cho, Jae Yeol JY Park, Xing X Chen, Seunghun S Hong

Indexed on: 15 Dec '15Published on: 15 Dec '15Published in: Nanotechnology


We developed a magnetically-refreshable receptor platform structure which can be integrated with quite versatile nano-biosensor structures to build reusable nano-biosensor chips. This structure allows one to easily remove used receptor molecules from a biosensor surface and reuse the biosensor for repeated sensing operations. Using this structure, we demonstrated reusable immunofluorescence biosensors. Significantly, since our method allows one to place receptor molecules very close to a nano-biosensor surface, it can be utilized to build reusable carbon nanotube transistor-based biosensors which require receptor molecules within a Debye length from the sensor surface. Furthermore, we also show that a single sensor chip can be utilized to detect two different target molecules simply by replacing receptor molecules using our method. Since this method does not rely on any chemical reaction to refresh sensor chips, it can be utilized for versatile biosensor structures and virtually-general receptor molecular species.