Magnetic properties of X-Pt (X=Fe,Co,Ni) alloy systems

Research paper by Durga Paudyal, Tanusri Saha-Dasgupta, Abhijit Mookerjee

Indexed on: 26 Feb '04Published on: 26 Feb '04Published in: Physics - Materials Science


We have studied the electronic and magnetic properties of Fe-Pt, Co-Pt and Ni-Pt alloy systems in ordered and disordered phases. The influence of various exchange-correlation functionals on values of equilibrium lattice parameters and magnetic moments in ordered Fe-Pt, Co-Pt and Ni-Pt alloys have been studied using linearized muffin-tin orbital method. The electronic structure calculations for the disordered alloys have been carried out using augmented space recursion technique in the framework of tight binding linearized muffin-tin orbital method. The effect of short range order has also been studied in the disordered phase of these systems. The results show good agreements with available experimental values.