Magnetic properties of magnesium-cobalt ferrites synthesized by co-precipitation method

Research paper by H H Joshi, P B Pandya, K B Modi, N N Jani, G J Baldha, R G Kulkarni

Indexed on: 01 Feb '97Published on: 01 Feb '97Published in: Bulletin of Materials Science


The alternating current (a.c.) low field susceptibility vs temperature, magnetization and57Fe Mössbauer effect measurements are reported for the spinel solid solution series MgxCo1−xFe2O4 synthesized by a wet-chemical method before and after high temperature annealing. The observed features for the wet samples, such as the coexistence of paramagnetic doublet and magnetic sextets in Mössbauer spectra and lower saturation magnetization values confirm small particle ferrite behaviour. Especially, Mössbauer spectra of wet samples reveal the presence of superparamagnetic particles which exist simultaneously with ferrimagnetic regions in the materials well supported by a.c. susceptibility data. The high temperature annealing changes the wet-prepared ferrites into the ordered magnetic structure of ceramic ferrites.