Magnetic moments of the low-lying $J^P=\,1/2^-$, $3/2^-$ $\Lambda$ resonances within the framework of the chiral quark model

Research paper by A. Martínez Torres, K. P. Khemchandani, Neetika Sharma, Harleen Dahiya

Indexed on: 02 Aug '12Published on: 02 Aug '12Published in: Nuclear Theory


The magnetic moments of the low-lying spin-parity $J^P=$ $1/2^-$, $3/2^-$ $\Lambda$ resonances, like, for example, $\Lambda(1405)$ $1/2^-$, $\Lambda(1520)$ $3/2^-$, as well as their transition magnetic moments, are calculated using the chiral quark model. The results found are compared with those obtained from the nonrelativistic quark model and those of unitary chiral theories, where some of these states are generated through the dynamics of two hadron coupled channels and their unitarization.