Magnesia roof refractories with fused spinel in the batch

Research paper by A. S. Frenkel', V. S. Shapovalov, G. I. Antonov, B. D. Minkovich, P. D. Pyatikop

Indexed on: 01 Jan '71Published on: 01 Jan '71Published in: Refractories and Industrial Ceramics


Dense highly fired roof refractories based on sintered magnesite powder and electrofused aluminomagnesia spinel are characterized by high volume constancy and a 30–50% lower wear compared with ordinary periclase — spinel products in comparative tests in the roofs of 600 ton open-hearth furnaces working with the use of oxygen.The wear of magnesite — spinel refractories containing 20, 30, and 40% electrofused spinel in the batch during service in the roofs of open-hearth furnaces occurs by fusion.