Lyme periprosthetic joint infection in total knee arthroplasty.

Research paper by Murillo M Adrados, Daniel Howard DH Wiznia, Marjorie M Golden, Richard R Pelker

Indexed on: 14 Jun '18Published on: 14 Jun '18Published in: Arthroplasty Today


Lyme arthritis, caused by the spirochete sensu stricto, is a common tick-borne illness in New England and the upper Midwest. Most often, the disease affects the knee and has typically been reported as a cause of native joint infection. There has been only 1 case of Lyme periprosthetic joint infection (associated with a total knee arthroplasty) reported in the literature, and to our knowledge, no other reported cases of Lyme periprosthetic joint infections exist. In this article, we report on 2 patients diagnosed with prosthetic joint infections who were subsequently found to have Lyme prosthetic joint infections, with as the infectious organism. We discuss the medical and surgical management of these patients.