Luminescence of Mn4+ in the orthorhombic perovskite, LaGaO3

Research paper by A.M. Srivastava, S.J. Camardello, M.G. Brik

Indexed on: 19 Nov '16Published on: 17 Nov '16Published in: Journal of Luminescence


The optical properties of Mn4+ (3d3) in the orthorhombic perovskite, LaGaO3 are investigated. The Mn4+ energy levels are calculated using the exchange charge model of crystal-field theory. The calculated Mn4+ energy levels are in good agreement with the experimental spectroscopic data. The results of our calculations yield the crystal-field splitting and Racah parameters of Dq = 1926 cm-1, B = 780 cm-1 and C = 2878 cm-1, with C/B =3.7. The emission spectrum is assigned on the basis of the zero phonon line corresponding to the 2Eg→4A2g transition and its vibrational sidebands. A comparative study of the variation in the crystal-field splitting and the Mn4+ 2Eg energy level position in materials with the perovskite structure is also presented.

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