Low surgical complication rates in cochlear implantation for young children less than 1 year of age

Research paper by Adedoyin Kalejaiye MD, Ghedak Ansari MSEd, Gezzer Ortega MD, MPH, Mauricia Davidson BS, Hung Jeffrey Kim MD

Indexed on: 16 Jul '16Published on: 14 Jul '16Published in: The Laryngoscope


To identify risk factors for perioperative morbidity among a large national cohort of pediatric patients undergoing cochlear implantation.Retrospective study utilizing the American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program Pediatric database (2012–2013).Pediatric cochlear implantation cases were identified using current procedural terminology 69930. Patients were categorized by age, and operative characteristics along with 30‐day perioperative outcomes were analyzed.We identified 1,351 cases of pediatric cochlear implantation. The median age was 3.6 years, and 73 patients were less than 1 year of age. Of 21 complication occurrences (1.55%), superficial incisional surgical site infection (SSI) was the most common (n = 13, 61.9%). Thirty‐nine patients (2.9%) required readmission. The median operative time was 142 minutes, and the mean postoperative length of stay was 0.58 days. When comparing patients younger than 1 year old to those 1 year or older, no significant differences were noted in complication rate, postoperative length of stay, or reoperation rate. Patients less than 1 year of age were more likely to be readmitted (6.9% vs. 2.7%, P = 0.04) and had longer mean operative times (191 minutes vs. 160 minutes, P = 0.0015). Steroid use was a risk factor for unplanned reoperation, SSI, and readmission.Despite a slight increase in readmission rates and operative times among patients less than 1 year of age, cochlear implantation appears to be safe in this population, with complication rates, reoperation rates, and postoperative lengths of stay similar to children undergoing the procedure at the current U.S. Food and Drug Administration‐approved age of 1 year and older.4. Laryngoscope, 2016