Low-field Switching Four-state Nonvolatile Memory Based on Multiferroic Tunnel Junctions.

Research paper by H M HM Yau, Z B ZB Yan, N Y NY Chan, K K Au, C M CM Wong, C W CW Leung, F Y FY Zhang, X S XS Gao, J Y JY Dai

Indexed on: 05 Aug '15Published on: 05 Aug '15Published in: Scientific Reports


Multiferroic tunneling junction based four-state non-volatile memories are very promising for future memory industry since this kind of memories hold the advantages of not only the higher density by scaling down memory cell but also the function of magnetically written and electrically reading. In this work, we demonstrate a success of this four-state memory in a material system of NiFe/BaTiO3/La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 with improved memory characteristics such as lower switching field and larger tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR). Ferroelectric switching induced resistive change memory with OFF/ON ratio of 16 and 0.3% TMR effect have been achieved in this multiferroic tunneling structure.