Long term bending creep of wood in cyclic relative humidity

Research paper by S. Mohager, T. Toratti

Indexed on: 01 Dec '92Published on: 01 Dec '92Published in: Wood Science and Technology


Long term creep and recovery test results of wood under a bending load of 10 MPa stress and subjected to relative humidity cycling are presented. In spite of the vast number of humidity cycles during these tests, the results do not give evidence of an existence of a mechano-sorptive creep limit. The results also indicate that the recovery is not complete on unloading when the humidity is cycled. A mechano-sorptive model that fits the test results is proposed. According to the model, the elastic bending deflection in a cyclic load of 10—3 MPa and subjected to natural outdoor relative humidity can be about doubled to account for the creep under ten years loading.