Lokalisierung von Aminosäureaustauschen bei Spontanmutanten und nach Fluoruracil-Einbau isolierten Mutanten des Tabakmosaikvirus

Research paper by B. Wittmann-Liebold, H. G. Wittmann

Indexed on: 01 Dec '65Published on: 01 Dec '65Published in: Zeitschrift fur Vererbungslehre


Amino acid eschanges within the protein chains of mutants of tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) arisen spontaneously or isolated after incorporation of 5-fluorouracil into the RNA of the TMV strainvulgare, have been localized. To this end, the viral particles were split into protein and RNA, and the protein was digested with trypsin. After their isolation by column and paper chromatography, the tryptic peptides were hydrolyzed and their amino acid compositions were quantitatively determined. Peptides with amino acid differences compared to the strainvulgare were subjected to sequence analyses in order to localize the positions of the amino acid exchanges. The experimental results given in the tables for five mutants will be discussed together with the results from other TMV mutants isolated after nitrous acid treatment and to be described in a following paper.