Logarithmic Bundles Of Hypersurface Arrangements In P^n

Research paper by Elena Angelini

Indexed on: 17 Jun '14Published on: 17 Jun '14Published in: Mathematics - Algebraic Geometry


Let D = {D_{1},...,D_{l}} be an arrangement of smooth hypersurfaces with normal crossings on the complex projective space P^n and let \Omega^{1}_{P^n}(log D) be the logarithmic bundle attached to it. Following [1], we show that \Omega^{1}_{P^n}(log D) admits a resolution of lenght 1 which explicitly depends on the degrees and on the equations of D_{1},...,D_{l}. Then we prove a Torelli type theorem when all the D_{i}'s have the same degree d and l >= {{n+d} \choose {d}}+3: indeed, we recover the components of D as unstable smooth hypersurfaces of \Omega^{1}_{P^n}(log D). Finally we analyze the cases of one quadric and a pair of quadrics, which yield examples of non-Torelli arrangements. In particular, through a duality argument, we prove that two pairs of quadrics have isomorphic logarithmic bundles if and only if they have the same tangent hyperplanes.