Location of the interior transmission eigenvalues for a ball

Research paper by Vesselin Petkov, Georgi Vodev

Indexed on: 15 Mar '16Published on: 15 Mar '16Published in: Mathematics - Analysis of PDEs


We study the localization of the interior transmission eigenvalues (ITEs) in the case when the domain is the unit ball $\{x \in {\mathbb R}^d:\: |x| \leq 1\}, \: d\geq 2,$ and the coefficients $c_j(x), \: j =1,2,$ and the indices of refraction $n_j(x), \: j =1,2,$ are constants near the boundary $|x| = 1$. We prove that in this case the eigenvalue-free region obtained in [16] for strictly concave domains can be significantly improved. In particular, if $c_j(x), n_j(x), j = 1,2$ are constants for $|x| \leq 1$, we show that all (ITEs) lie in a strip $\{ \lambda \in {\mathbb C}:\:|{\rm Im}\: \lambda| \leq C\}$.