Localized States and resultant band bending in graphene antidot superlattices.

Research paper by Milan M Begliarbekov, Onejae O Sul, John J Santanello, Nan N Ai, Xi X Zhang, Eui-Hyeok EH Yang, Stefan S Strauf

Indexed on: 17 Feb '11Published on: 17 Feb '11Published in: Nano Letters


We fabricated dye sensitized graphene antidot superlattices with the purpose of elucidating the role of the localized edge state density. The fluorescence from deposited dye molecules was found to strongly quench as a function of increasing antidot filling fraction, whereas it was enhanced in unpatterned but electrically backgated samples. This contrasting behavior is strongly indicative of a built-in lateral electric field that accounts for fluorescence quenching as well as p-type doping. These findings are of great interest for light-harvesting applications that require field separation of electron-hole pairs.