Locality of a noisy N-qudit state for large N

Research paper by Elena R. Loubenets

Indexed on: 21 Nov '16Published on: 21 Nov '16Published in: arXiv - Quantum Physics


Locality of a noisy state for a large number of nonlocally entangled qudits was analyzed in the literature only in the qubit case and only within separability of a noisy N-qubit state. In the present paper, we evaluate amounts of noise breaking the nonlocal character of statistical correlations of $N$ entangled qudits by analyzing Bell inequalities violations via the general frame, the LqHV (local quasi hidden variable) modeling frame, introduced in [Loubenets: J. Math. Phys. 53, 022201 (2012)]. This allows us to derive the general exact bound on locality of a noisy N-qudit state which is new and important for all $N\geq 3$ and $d\geq 2.$ We specify the locality noise thresholds for the maximally entangled state and arbitrary nonlocal states of $N\geq 3$ qudits and study their asymptotics for large $N$. In view of developing quantum information technologies with many particle quantum systems, this problem is of a particular interest.