Local Structural Rearrangements and Evolution of Relaxor State in the Complex Perovskite (Ba1−xPbx) (In0.50Nb0.50) O3

Research paper by Adukkadan Anil, Viswanathan Kumar

Indexed on: 23 Aug '16Published on: 22 Aug '16Published in: Journal of the American Ceramic Society


Local structural rearrangements in lead-based complex perovskites of the type (Ba1−xPbx)(In0.50Nb0.50)O3 responsible for transition from ferroelectric [Ba(In0.50Nb0.50)O3] to relaxor [Pb(In0.50Nb0.50)O3] are examined by careful analysis of their Raman spectra. Subtle changes in the bonding brought about by the differences in the chemical nature of A- and B-site cations have been correlated with the dynamic A–O–B coupling. Deviations in the local structure as a result of such bonding preferences have been confirmed by studying the changes in the Raman spectra when Nb5+ is substituted by Sn4+ as the third B-site cation.